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nitrile gloves

Purchase Quantity: 8000000 Piece(s)

Date Posted: 2022-09-01

Shipment Terms: FOB

Sourcing Request From: Canada

Time Left: 1d

Payment Terms: L/C

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Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Megan Dahl-Smith, and I work as the Supply Chain Senior Manager at Minogue Medical. We're interested in your range of supply products and would like to know more.

Please could you send a 2022 catalog to me at this email address? We're in the process of updating our suppliers and are looking to make an order for our clients for the products below;
1) DISPOSABLE NITRILE GLOVES(M=3.5g, powder free ,sizes: S, M, L,Color:Blue, white)
Quantity for project; 8,000,000 pcs

I want to know whether you have it available and if so, how much it would cost as well as bulk order discounts. Also, I would like to inquire about the extended warranty.
Please revert back to me with all relevant information, options, and suitable alternatives.
This is our very first order for the projects we are running .
We are running a 5 years project and hope you will be in constant supply of these products and others for this period of time the project will be running.

Best Regards

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